Sewing zip into satin

Some time ago I ran a tiny survey on Facebook and Twitter asking which type of zip insertion you thought was the easiest and which one was the hardest.

The zips were: lapped, exposed, invisible, trouser zip. Almost everyone said that invisible zip was the easiest to sew, and most of the time it is true. Except those times when you have to sew it in a shiny and slippery thing called Satin. Then zip sewing becomes a completely different ball game.

“What can possibly be different?” – you ask. Well, everything.
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Lemons to lemonade

I found myself in a bit of a pickle recently.
One of those situations when I couldn’t believe I’ve done something quite so stupid.

I was cutting out my stretch jeans and was almost finished – only small parts left ( pockets, fly pieces, etc ). I found a lovely piece of denim and began cutting out my pockets. After awhile I started to wonder where such a lovely long piece came from. I looked up and to my horror discovered that I have cut my pockets out of my trouser front piece. Bang! Right at the knee.

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