Sewing the strappy dress: finishing touches.

Today we finish sewing your Strappy dress! If you’ve missed some of the previous posts on this subject, here are the links to all of them:

A word about bias
Front pleats
Bust darts and french seams
Neckline and straps

We are about to put some finishing touches to your dress: finish the straps, centre front and sew the hem.
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Sewing the strappy dress: neckline and straps

Today we’ll do the most time consuming part of the whole Strappy dress, which is bias binding the neckline and sewing the straps.

To make the binding this thin look good requires some seriously precise sewing, so don’t start it if you are tired. Executed correctly, it will add elegance and lightness to your dress, so don’t rush it.
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A few words about Sammy cami

With the Sammy cami downloads in many hundreds, it’s time I posted something about it.

First of all, I am thrilled you like it, a special thank you if you’ve left a review, every review makes my day, no kidding.

I’ve also became aware of people needing more help with the Sammy straps concept. I realise that for many it is a completely new approach to sewing straps, so I’ve decided to post a small tutorial to help you out.

But before I begin, I’d like to address a curling issue. Sometimes you buy a beautiful knit and the minute you cut it, it curls into a tight little tube and no amount of pressing can fix it.

I had to deal with it while I was sewing one of my many Sammys and my advise is – do not underestimate the power of simple remedies. You already know of my fondness towards the spray starch as an aide for sewing sticky materials such as pleather. This time spray starch comes to the rescue as a fabric straightener.

spray starch
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