Vent spreading prevention trick

This is a very effective trick to stop your vents, slits and pleats from spreading.

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Before I begin, I must mention that there are many reasons why vents would spread. The skirt may be too small at the hips, the skirt may be pegged too much, or the CB seam may be too long (may happen if the bum is a bit flat). But if none of the above applies and the vent still refuses to stay put, here is a little something to encourage it to comply.
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Good old skirt vent

There is plenty of info available on the skirt vent, and here are my five cents on the subject.

The definition

Skirt vent is a part of functional design. When the skirt is worn, the vent opens to allow ease of comfort for walking and sitting. All vents are positioned in the seams.~ “Professional sewing techniques for designers”

I couldn’t say it better myself.

The look

Location of the skirt vent varies, but in classic style skirt it is located at the back. Back vent is pressed to one side and stitched. To help you remember which side it is stitched to, here is the hint: from outside it looks like number 1.

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