Sewing zip into satin

Some time ago I ran a tiny survey on Facebook and Twitter asking which type of zip insertion you thought was the easiest and which one was the hardest.

The zips were: lapped, exposed, invisible, trouser zip. Almost everyone said that invisible zip was the easiest to sew, and most of the time it is true. Except those times when you have to sew it in a shiny and slippery thing called Satin. Then zip sewing becomes a completely different ball game.

“What can possibly be different?” – you ask. Well, everything.
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Jess Sew-Along #1: Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to Jess jeans sew along!

Today we are going to:

  • Assemble the PDF pattern
  • Check your size
  • Adjust length and grade half a size up or down



If you are not one of those who have purchased a paper version of Jess or printed it out on one big piece of paper, this part is for you.

Print the first page of your A4/USL pattern and measure the test square. If the test square is correct, print the rest of the pages.

Lay your printed pages on the floor or table in the correct order to check that all pages are there.

Trim the pages along the right and bottom edge only, then overlap and tape the pages together making sure all the lines match. After this, we are ready for the next step – checking the size and making changes.

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