It’s done!

I am so relieved and excited – a huge self imposed task has been completed –  I have finished updating my patterns.

At times I wondered – “Why am I doing this? Why is it so important to me?” And the answer is, I continuously learn and get better at what I do, and my patterns should reflect it. As they say, “How you do anything is how you do everything”.
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A smart house dress

Recently I read an article about how the way we dress has changed over the years.
That these days comfort is above all and if only we could find that perfect kind of track pants that would be suitable for work, we’d need nothing else.

I guess there is truth in that, since I’ve started doing my daily school runs, jeans, long sleeve tees and sneakers have become my wardrobe staple. The comfort clothes are taking over my wardrobe, and since there is no point in fighting this invasion, a much better idea would be to make comfort clothes look smart.
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Introducing Wiggle skirt!

Introducing the newest addition to the Modern Vintage collection – the Wiggle skirt.


Now, ladies, I’ll be honest, this skirt is not for everyone. This is the next level up stuff.

This skirt separates women from girls, the grownup kind of skirt. This is the the type of skirt you sew when you’re so over elasticated waist pillow case projects and ready to make some serious clothes.
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