Introducing Wiggle skirt!

Introducing the newest addition to the Modern Vintage collection – the Wiggle skirt.


Now, ladies, I’ll be honest, this skirt is not for everyone. This is the next level up stuff.

This skirt separates women from girls, the grownup kind of skirt. This is the the type of skirt you sew when you’re so over elasticated waist pillow case projects and ready to make some serious clothes.
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I want to show you something…

I’ve a had an intense week.

Do you remember when I pledged to start my own sewing pattern line? It’s still on, and I’ve made a big progress.

It’s not a secret that starting any business is a lot of work, but when you are starting alone it becomes overwhelming. Creativity can fade when confronted with a massive to-do list, so it is important to try and keep business and fun separate. And when I say fun I mean fashion design, research, fabric selection and styling. If only I had a clone who could take care of the rest, I’d be perfectly happy.

I’ve been working on 6 sewing patterns at the same time. I have designed, drafted, cut, sewn and fitted 6 separate pieces that will compliment each other and be a part of a common theme. Some more complex designs will have to go through several rounds of fittings, but hey, I’ll do it so you don’t have to.

I’ve already mentioned on Twitter and Facebook that one of the pieces is a pair of fitted trousers. Today I can safely say that another one is a fitted pencil skirt.

But wait, there’s more!
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