Macy's jacket almost done

Hoorah, my Macy’s jacket is nearing completion! I am still working out small details, but in general it is exactly what I wanted.  I had to adjust shoulder slightly and take in side seams at waist and hips. In general my pattern worked out exactly as I thought it would.

Macy's jacket project

I have been looking at this jacket for a while.

Macy's Spring/Summer 2011

I really like the whole spirit of it, it is speaking to me :) Plus, it would be great to wear right now, temperatures are so mild concidering it is winter in Sydney!

So I have finally decided to make it. When I work on the projects like this ( making a garment off the picture or drawing ) I make it in half scale first to immediately see if my pattern works, proportions, style lines, etc. Also, it is a very economical way and the quickest one by far. For this jacket I used block with 8cm ease at bust, I drafted a sleeve for it with 7.6 cm ease. It might seem that the sleeve is a bit too wide, but I’d like to try it out first, I can always take it in a bit later if required. Also, I’ll omit the gathered details on the sleeves and frilly bit on the collar.

Here is what I have come up with. What do you think?