Meet Jess

I know you’ve been waiting for her for a long time. Today she is finally ready to show herself. Meet Jess!


Jess is not your average jeans pattern. Jess makes you look and feel good. You know why?

Because often than not skinny jeans make your legs look funny. I call the look “carrots”. You might call it a “drumstick”  –  generous at the top and skinny at the bottom. You check yourself out in a shop fitting room mirror wondering when this happened – they used to look so good, like, some time ago?

Then you might still buy a pair wowing to wear them with a tunic or something long. I’t ok if you need a bar of soap to put them on, everyone wears them like this now, right?


Never mind that your bum falls out when you sit down and waistband cuts you in half, we all suffer for fashion!

Yeah, nah.

That’s why I’d stayed away from the skinny jeans until I’ve figured out how to use the cut to my advantage.

I’ve figured that if I make my skinnies a bit less fitted below a certain level, my legs look longer and slimmer. If I shape my waistband, my butt stops falling out when I sit. And if I make the waistband wide, it will not cut my circulation.

All of these findings I offer to you today with my new pattern Jess Jeans. There are no back yoke or rivets, but there are a couple of tiny welt pockets to squeeze your credit card in. There is also a button fly, because reasons.

Buy now and enjoy!

Bums and pockets

It’s a fact that back pockets can change your bum’s appearance. Not so much used to carry stuff anymore, back pockets are mostly used as a decorative element, but a decorative element of a massive visual impact.

Many clothing stores are now equipped with cameras, so no longer you have to twist your neck to inspect your bum while trying on jeans, your back view is now clearly visible on a huge screen. Convenient, confronting and often thought provoking all at the same time.

The pocket size, colour and placement used wisely can work some serious magic and knowing the way they do it will take the mystery out of your jean or trouser shopping and/or sewing.
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Lemons to lemonade

I found myself in a bit of a pickle recently.
One of those situations when I couldn’t believe I’ve done something quite so stupid.

I was cutting out my stretch jeans and was almost finished – only small parts left ( pockets, fly pieces, etc ). I found a lovely piece of denim and began cutting out my pockets. After awhile I started to wonder where such a lovely long piece came from. I looked up and to my horror discovered that I have cut my pockets out of my trouser front piece. Bang! Right at the knee.

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Clone your jeans

Great fitting jeans are rare

I have found my pair many years ago and I am still wearing them. The denim became thin and fragile and I am afraid it will give up the ghost any day now. So I have taken the pattern off them before anything terrible happens, I am going to clone them and enjoy the fit and comfort for as long as I can fit in them.
I have done many knock-offs in the past – skirts, trousers, jackets, bras and even re-usable diapers. Many of us have a favourite garment we can’t live without.

What is yours?