Plaid jacket alteration saga

Ok here is a pic of me wearing my altered jacket. Before pic is here

altered jacket

This jacket was originally size 44 and I am now size 40 (Burda sizing).

I did not take a picture of me wearing it before I stabbed it with my seam ripper, no. The sight was so abominable and the good outcome was so unlikely, I was not going to show it to anyone in case of my (very certain) failure. I would have just buried it somewhere and pretend it never happened.

To my astonishment, the jacket has proved to be a real fighter. Not only it fits now, it fits damn well.

So here is a step by step in case you are crazy desperate brave enough to follow in my foot steps.
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Making Chanel jacket video

I saw this video discussed on Pattern Review and decided to share it with you.
I am surprised to see Chanel seamstresses using plain sewers, fusible interfacing, buttonholer… They are sewing over pins ( wouldn’t industrial machine simply bend them all? )
I thought Chanel was sewn exclusively by hand? What happened to couture techniques? I am confused.

What is your opinion on this?


I know what you are thinking : “Gosh, that woman has been sewing this purple jacket forever!”

Well, not really. It only took me a week to finish it, but describing the process takes much longer than process itself! I even wore the jacket a few times ( one of them to the playgroup ) and my incandescent purple self was sticking out in the crowd like a sore thumb :)

Ah, I was feeling so bright on that rainy day!

So today I am going to sum up my purple jacket post series. Previous posts are here:
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What happened next

So since I made my sleeve vents and they came out rather nice and sharp, I finished the sleeves and proceeded as usual to set them in.
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Somethig pretty I came across…

As I am waiting for the weather to warm up slightly so I can show off my new jacket and my perfectly matching top to my eagerly awaiting friends, I came across this adorable little ansamble. It makes me think of summer and vacation, sun, sea breeze and all things nice. At the same time the tunic and jacket are very wearable and urbane, don’t you think?

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