Making Chanel jacket video

I saw this video discussed on Pattern Review and decided to share it with you.
I am surprised to see Chanel seamstresses using plain sewers, fusible interfacing, buttonholer… They are sewing over pins ( wouldn’t industrial machine simply bend them all? )
I thought Chanel was sewn exclusively by hand? What happened to couture techniques? I am confused.

What is your opinion on this?

Tailoring vs Dressmaking

Hello readers! :) So glad to be back, there is only so much relaxation I can take without going numb with boredom. I have come across this FAB article at, I really wanted to share this information with you guys.

Tailoring vs Dressmaking

There is a French joke that goes: what is the difference between un tailleur (tailor) and un couturier (dressmaker)? The answer is that le tailleur dresses men and undresses women, but le couturier dresses women and undresses men.

In the old days, women went to a dressmaker and men went to a tailor. The two traditions were totally different, and never the twain would meet. Even the shape of thimbles used by the two are different. However, in the late eighteenth century it became fashionable for women such as Marie Antoinette to go to a men’s tailor to have their riding habits made.

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