More wardrobe sewing

A blouse pattern featured here, skirt pattern discussed here

The blouse material is 100% silk I bought years ago in New Zealand ( yay, I am using my stash! ), and denim was given to me by my friend Gen also years ago, she had a small cut and was going to throw it away.


It is very stiff, dark indigo, original stuff, skirt is tight fitting, above knee, pegged. Wearing it makes me feel a bit like this


Some sewing projects are like medicine – you wish they were over before they start and rush through them on one breath. These include pillow cases, mending jobs, elastic replacements….

Some projects are like water. They are necessary and kind of enjoyable, but you get really bored after a short while. These are casual clothes, baby clothes….

But there are jobs that are like drinking a cocktail on the beach – you work slowly and savour every single minute of it. The finished garment is a cherry on top and an additional bonus, sort of like an article you read in the magazine (while you enjoying your cocktail) about how what you are drinking will do marvels to your health.

This blouse was my pina colada. The fabric is a gem, the pattern fits like a glove ( no alterations! ) and the finished result is yummy.
Purple flower blouse

Next time I make this blouse ( and I will! ) I will draft a separate facing, because that origami Burda version left me cold. I will also try to disguise the fusible interfacing because no matter how fine and see-through it is, this fabric will show it.

Some close-ups. I have replaced the suggested buttonholes for drawstring with metal grommets, and made purple buttonholes.

purple flower front

And a quick narrow hem instead of 2 cm wide one ( also Burda’s idea ).

Purple flower narrow hem

I wore it yesterday and it feels heavenly. Love it!