One neat armscye finish.

Today I’ll show you a finish option for a lower part of the armscye, which works particularly well with cap sleeves. I see it often in RTW garments, and I found it to be very practical and neat finish.


To do this, you will need a piece of bias strip, which you will fold in half lengthwise.
The finished width of the strip is up to you, I found that 2.3 cm (15/16”) works well with 1.2 cm (1/2”) seam allowances. And so, let’s begin.
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Neckline/armscye finish for knits (and wovens)

This technique will come in handy in so many occasions, you’ll be surprised.


This type of finish provides great stability yet enough elasticity to your knit edges. It works on necklines, armscyes, wrap tops (where the edge must stay flexible but not stretch over time). The same technique can be used if you’d like to eliminate stretch completely, but in this case you’d need to add stabilizing tape.
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