Cape blazer sewing pattern

There’s simply no denying it – cape blazers are a hot trend.

They are everywhere – celebrities are wearing them, stores are stocking them, and you we see more and more of them on the streets.

Once I noticed a cape blazer on Pinterest, it immediately caught my eye. It seemed to be a very natural progression from wearing a blazer thrown over the shoulders that seemed to be all the rage for a short time. Now you can actually wear it AND look casual and unintentionally chic at the same time!

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I can also tell you this – cape jacket is cozy. I hate cold, and at first the sleeve slits seemed like a chilly idea to say the least, but once I had that jacket on it felt like wearing a blanket over your shoulders.

And so for all the clever fashionistas out there, today I present the cape blazer sewing pattern.
Because only us with our sewing super powers can wear the latest trend sooner (and much cheaper) than anyone else can, am I right??

Let me tell you a little about this pattern.

This blazer features classic fit with waist shaping, fully covered back (none of those back straps business I saw at the store at $150 or so) and useful functional double welt pockets. It is also fully lined, of course, for a perfectly finished look.

This blazer wears beautifully with trousers or jeans, classic pumps or boots. Make it in black or colour, take it to work or a cocktail party, it’s very versatile.

But first, of course, you’ll have to sew it, and it’s the best part :)

I’d like to say straight away, it’s not a simple garment to sew, and it will definitely take you more than a couple of lunch breaks.

You know I don’t grade my patterns’ complexity, because I think it is very subjective – I saw simplest tops classified as “challenging” before. But I’ll make an exception this one time. This pattern is challenging, and not to be underestimated.

To sew this jacket you’ll need to have mastered the following skills:

  • precision sewing (including convex/concave seams)
  • double welt pockets
  • jacket bagging (used twice in this pattern)
  • setting in sleeves
  • invisible hemming
  • being able to follow written sewing instructions.

This pattern contains only written instructions – no step by step pictures of the garment assembly or detailed descriptions of the techniques, and not only because it is aimed at experienced seamstresses, but also because the instructions would be so lengthy, they would be a size of a book.

However, where there is will, there is a way. At the “Sewing info” tab you will find links to some tutorials showing how to sew a double welt pocket using jig method (the simplest way to sew a pocket ever), how to sew lined jacket corners and hemming using the seam allowances. All other techniques I’m sure you’ve done before and/or can find them in any good book on tailoring and sewing.

So if you are up for a challenge with a stylish reward at the end of it – bon voyage!

Lena Merrin
Lena Merrin

A dressmaker of many years, I enjoy drafting patterns and create custom garments.

15 thoughts on “Cape blazer sewing pattern

  1. MG says:

    I’ve been looking for such a pattern for nearly a year! I saw a blazer/cape in a couture boutique and just couldn’t figure out how to combine a standard blazer + cape pattern to combine into one chic garment. Thanks, I’m off to purchase this and can’t wait to start sewing it so I can have it when the cool weather hits NYC.


    This pattern is exactly what I’ve been looking for! However, I purchased the pattern and I cannot download it. I didn’t register with the site at the time of purchase so I don’t know how to get to my pattern again as it is not in my newly created account. I’ve sent multiple emails requesting assistance with no response. Can someone help me with this please? Thank !!!!

    • Lena Merrin
      Lena Merrin says:

      Hi Latasha, I’m glad you like the pattern :) I’ll email you the files in a minute.

  3. paloverde says:

    I’m very happy to see this pattern; it’s so nice to see something of complexity from an independent pattern maker (and I know that you are well trained). I shall have to think seriously about it. My problem is that I live in a very hot climate and frankly, no longer wear jackets or blazers much at all.

  4. Maryann says:

    Looks intriguing. Just to clarify — there’s a full front and back jacket body underneath with essentially a cape over the back (double back layer, so to speak) that forms an open sleeve on the arm? Thx.

  5. Summerflies says:

    Oh this is so gorgeous and on trend and something I like which is unusual. This is the sort of stuff that indie designers should come out with not another peasant blouse or track pant. I’ll be putting this on my list.
    Great pattern!

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