The one and only.

From my previous posts you know that my man is very particular about his clothes. If he could, he’d never go clothes shopping. He hates choosing, trying on, and is very suspicious of the brands he has never worn before (that would be pretty much every brand out there). He approaches new clothes like a wild animal – circling and eyeing them suspiciously. Many clothes never make it to the first wear, most others will get worn only once.

However, there is one true love in his life, much older than his love for me. This love is his boxer shorts.

Don’t ask me how long I tried to sway him by buying other kinds and designs, they all stayed in the closet drawers, untouched.

These special shorts he loves were sold only in New Zealand, and every time we’d go there, he’d stock up – 10, 15 pairs at a time. The customs people probably thought he was running an underground underpants smuggling business.

He’d wear these shorts until the elastic worked its way out of the casing, hems fell off and the fabric got so thin, it would disintegrate in your hands.

But one day the unthinkable happened. They stopped making the shorts. There was no more and there never will be.

When we received these news I was just finishing his cargo shorts and felt quite off the hook for a time being. The feeling didn’t last, because my man arrived at my sewing room once more, this time with a pair of boxers.

And of course I agreed to do it. “Yes, I’ll make you exactly the same ones, and no, you will never run out.” “I guess it is very handy to have someone who can take a pattern off something and sew you exactly the same thing”, he said, relieved. And just like that all my time and money spent on sewing was validated.

So today I present you the most comfortable boxer shorts sewing pattern ever (apparently).

Worn and tested by the fussiest person, this pattern passed with flying colours.

Why are they so comfortable? They are not clingy and they have a wide elasticated waist (no sliding or rolling). They have a handy front opening (makes them look very RTW), and the best part of all, they have no centre back seam, which is very important, because they don’t get stuck where the sun doesn’t shine.

This pattern is PDF only and comes in 4 sizes – S, M, L and XL. All four sizes are included in the pattern, together with fully illustrated sewing instructions. This pattern can be printed at home on A4 or USL paper, or on a single sheet of A0 paper.

Do it now, and the tales of your generosity and skill will spread far and wide. He’ll never be able to complain about you spending all that time with your sewing machine.

Lena Merrin
Lena Merrin

A dressmaker of many years, I enjoy drafting patterns and create custom garments.

12 thoughts on “The one and only.

  1. AnnieP says:

    Sadly hubby doesn’t like loose boxers, but it looks like a good pattern. He does like an NZ brand for his fitted boxers: Thunderpants. Sadly, a number of NZ clothing companies have gone under this year, including one of my favourites. So I’ll just have to sew more. On that note, thanks for your thoughts on fit in previous posts. Ease is a problem for me: how to add enough ease so that it looks like I have some shape (hah!) but not too much, to avoid my usual tent.

  2. Genevieve says:

    Hi Lena,
    I bought this pattern as I love to make my hubs underware…sounds wierd, but hey! Anyway, as I am working on them…its seams that the pattern must be placed on the wrong side of the fabric to get the correct orientation for the front pieces…is that correct?

    • Genevieve says:

      In fact when looking at your instruction sheet, you say the opposite. When I hold the pattern piece for marked Right Front up to my body with the printing facing out, it is actually the left side, which is placing the button hole opening with a right hand reach in. I hope that makes sense. i am just really wanting to mock these up so I have another gift option for my honey.

    • Lena Merrin
      Lena Merrin says:

      Hi Genevieve, the pattern pieces need to be be placed on the right side of the fabric to get the correct orientation. So, if you were wearing these shorts, the buttonholes would be on your left side.

  3. Sharon says:

    I can never understand why underwear gets discontinued, it is so frustrating.

    Now my hubby tends to wear them as sleep shorts and this sounds perfect.

  4. JenC says:

    Perfect! Having just paid a silly sum for several pair of CK briefs for my equally fussy man I am keen to try out this pattern. Now all I need is a good source for super soft elastic that ships to Australia! What fabric was used for the original pair – Cotton knit, cotton/elastane knit, plain cotton fabric?

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