Introducing Wiggle skirt!

Introducing the newest addition to the Modern Vintage collection – the Wiggle skirt.


Now, ladies, I’ll be honest, this skirt is not for everyone. This is the next level up stuff.

This skirt separates women from girls, the grownup kind of skirt. This is the the type of skirt you sew when you’re so over elasticated waist pillow case projects and ready to make some serious clothes.

And I could write you a tome on why you should sew it, but all I’ll say is this:

  • This skirt will take you from “aww, did you make it yourself?” to “where did you buy it??” questions.
  • This skirt shows off your curves without making you look heavy, makes you stand up straight and turns heads.
  • This skirt sample was sold so quickly I barely finished taking pictures.
  • This skirt has lots of creative potential:


1201 Options


As usual, this pattern is multi sized, with all sizes sold at once. It includes seam allowances and length alteration information.

Wiggle skirt pattern comes with detailed illustrated sewing instructions. There is no “and now sew it by hand” business (no one finishes it off by hand at the clothing factory, and neither should you, dammit!).

The skirt lining method described (with invisible zip finished by lining) produces clean, professional RTW result. The instructions contain a bonus tip on french tacks (also with pictures).

So if you think you are ready, then go for it!


Lena Merrin
Lena Merrin

A dressmaker of many years, I enjoy drafting patterns and create custom garments.

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