Skirt vent sewing

Here is the second post on the skirt vent, you can read the first one here.

So let’s sew that skirt vent. First of all, a little drawing (click for a large view). Green lines show where to cut. The small diagonal cut on the Right side shouldn’t go all the way to the stitching, and light fabrics are not cut at all.

So here is the prepared sample.

Stitch CB seam and then continue to the vent. Do not stop and pivot at the corner, because the vent will be ripped open at the first opportunity. The curved seam makes the vent much stronger. Pin the rest of the seam dow to the hem.

I could overlock all edges separately, but then it would mean 3 layers of overlocking. I want to reduce it as much as possible, so I finish both edges of the right side together.

Press the seams

And the final touch

Ready and pretty

Next time – two most popular ways to hem the vent


Lena Merrin
Lena Merrin

A dressmaker of many years, I enjoy drafting patterns and create custom garments.

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