Imogen answers Part Four

How to Broaden Your Shoulders

If you’re an A shape with narrow shoulders or even an 8 shape or X shape or just have more sloping shoulders rather than square shoulders, how can you make them appear broader to create more balance?

How to broaden shoulders

Necklines – horizontal necklines like boat necks, square necks or wider v-necks can help to broaden.
Shoulder detail – bling or other shoulder detail can work well.
Construction – look for horizontal yokes or even breast pockets (if you have a small bust).
Sleeves – either puffed sleeve or ruched sleeves will add broadening detail. Set-in sleeves are also much more flattering.


  • Raglan sleeves
  • Dolman sleeves
  • Dropped shoulders
  • Halternecks

Of course, if you are a V shape or have very square shoulders you will find this Avoid list is your “what to wear”!
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How to Flatter Full Upper Arms

Many women feel that they don’t have arms to rival Michelle Obama, and they make genetically have genes for them to be fuller, or just not have the time to do all the bicep and triceps exercises to get them.  So how do you flatter a fuller upper arm?

How to flatter full upper arms

Here are my quick tips on how to flatter them.
You may have heard that cap sleeves just don’t work – but not all cap sleeves are the same. Some are more horizontal (and unflattering) the others are diagonal (toward the vertical) which are a much better option.
Alternatively, a 3/4 sleeve is a great option, but sometimes when it’s hot you want to wear a shorter sleeve, so what other sleeves will work?

  • Try a flutter sleeve, which is larger and more floaty than your arms.
  • A sheer sleeve can also disguise well too without making you too hot.
  • And don’t forget to create a focal point away from your arms so that people don’t even look at them and notice them.

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Lena Merrin
Lena Merrin

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