Skinny jeans and how to wear them

“Skinny jeans are open to all, and no one who wears them makes them any less of what they are for anyone else. The truth must be that there is something about the meanness of this look that feels right for our times. It can’t simply be about rebellion – why should tightness seem inherently more rebellious than expansiveness? (Anyhow, if you really wanted to rebel right now, you’d wear bootlegs.)”  The Guardian

In preparation for Jess sew-along I have been reading up on some fashion tips on how to wear skinny jeans.

It is now accepted that skinny jeans are not only for skinny people, it’s all about how you wear them and what you wear them with.

So how do you wear skinny jeans?

First of all, pay a very close attention to the fit. Don’t be tempted to make your jeans too tight: not only it is uncomfortable, it  is also very obvious.
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Imogen answers Part Three

 How to Find the Right Hair Colour for You
Miranda Priestley

Before operation I was a brunette, then I suddenly went grey. I tried dying my hair, but I developed allergy to the hair dye pigment. Grey hair makes me look 10 years older and I started dying my hair ash blond. Everybody is telling me that this colour suits me, but I am not so sure. How to find my colour?

As we age all our pigments change.  Hair loses it’s colour, skin pigments change and our eyes fade.   This is why when so many women dye their hair back to their natural colour (the colour they had at 20 years old) it doesn’t work – because they no longer have the same skin pigments and the hair colour looks harsh against their older skin.
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Imogen answers part one

Today I am proud to present a first part of several blog posts on style. Stylist Imogen Lamport is answering your questions on style, colour, trends, wardrobe and more.

Is little black dress a really necessary item?
Absolutely not!  In fact for many people a colour other than black is much preferable.  It’s good to create an ‘evening’ capsule in a colour that suits you so you have something to wear out when the occasion calls.  It doesn’t have to be a dress, and definitely doesn’t need to be black.  My post here has a black dress because black suits me, but substitute another colour – aubergine, deep green, chocolate, navy instead.
How to build an evening wear wardrobe
Which prints are the most flattering for larger figures?
Depends on your personality – but prints that are dense not sparse, with low negative space and go for a medium sized print, neither too tiny or too large. High contrast makes prints appear larger, low contrast makes prints appear smaller.  Here is more information
How to choose a print garment
What is the bigger sin:
to overdress or under-dress?
Under-dress – my philosophy has always
been that it’s better to raise the tone than lower it.
How to wear colours that I like but are not “mine”?
Wear them away from your face.
Don’t put them on body parts you’d rather attention wasn’t drawn.
Ensure the rest of your outfit is in fabulous colours that really suit you.
How to add trend colours that don’t suit you to your wardrobe
Which trends would you like to see disappear?
I don’t get the open toed boot.  Really.

 Dresses and Skirts – Why Don’t I wear Them?
I don’t feel comfortable in skirts and dresses. Is there a skirt or dress for me?

If you don’t like them, don’t wear them!   Without knowing why you don’t find them comfortable it’s hard for me to judge.  Comfort can relate to the fit, the fabric, the style, your personality.

I love dresses because I find them easier to fit (no rise seam that runs through your crotch), I buy them in fabrics that drape (so they move with my body) in fabrics that stretch (so I don’t feel constricted by them) and in styles that don’t draw attention to my flat butt (the way trousers do), and that suit the feminine part of my personality.  They make me happy, but not everyone has to wear them!
So ask yourself in your quest for the skirt or dress to make you happy:

  • What is my body shape?  Which shapes and styles will flatter me?
  • What are my body proportions?  How long should my skirt or dress be?
  • What is my personality?  Do I like prints or patterns or not?  Do I like stretch fabrics or wovens?  Do I like close or loose fitting garments?  Do I like lace or do I like unusual construction?

All these questions will help you find the right kind of skirt or dress for you.

Useful reading:
Body shapes explained, How to measure your body proportions,What is your style recipe

Guess who is coming for a visit?

Oh lucky, lucky us!

We got ourselves a very special guest, a leading image consultant ( and a business woman, and a blogger ) Imogen Lamport!

Imogen has agreed to answer our pressing and puzzling style questions, so bring them on – body shapes, fashion trends, colours, styles, accessories, wardrobe capsules, and whatever else you can think of! This is your chance to consult a professional stylist, don’t miss it!

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