Sewing the strappy dress: front pleats.

Pleats are attractive  and functional. Pleats add fullness and movement without bulk.

When I made the first version of the Strappy dress, the front was flat and looked unfinished and lacking. Then idea of pleats occurred to me and it all changed in an instant. Light, airy fabrics need some volume to truly shine, it’s undeniable.
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How to do FBA or SBA on a blouse with pleats

I thought it would be wise to post a video tutorial about how to adjust Rachel blouse pattern for full or small bust. You know, pictures are great, but there is nothing like seeing it in action :)

So here it is, how to adjust a bodice for a full or small bust where the bust dart has been transformed into pleats.

Spring, pleats and gathers

I can’t believe it, it’s finally spring. Don’t get me wrong, Australian winters are not something you can call unbearable, but still there is nothing like spring – the smells, the sounds, the warmth.

I wish I was very disciplined when it comes to stuff I sew for myself – I should be going through my existing wardrobe, filling up gaps, whatever. Instead, I go to the fabric shops and walk between the bolts of fabric, breathing heavily, until somehow I end up at the cutting table with a bolt in my greedy little hands. No discipline whatsoever.

It wasn’t any different this time. I went to the fabric store, it was raining outside, so I had to go in, you see, to keep my hair dry (ahem). I walked out with cotton and linen floral print. Floral. Print.
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Pleats and plaids

A while ago I was trying to make up my mind about what trousers I shall make out of my lovely stretch suiting. The shorts I made are lovely, and fit very well, but I was not sure about the pleated front, as I had some not-so-pretty pleated fronts before.

So, after long deliberation and search I found what I was looking for – a very smart pair of trousers (spotted on Victoria’s Secrets website) without pleats. I think my fabric looks exactly as the one pictured, it should be a satisfying project!

On top of this I am busy deconstructing my woollen jacket.
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