Patch pocket for Jackie coat

Do you know there is a Jackie coat sew along in progress at Janelle’s? Janelle and Maria have prepared a great list of topics to help you sew a Jackie coat in no time. I decided to do my bit for the team with a small pattern hack. This one is about pockets.

If you are not completely sure that you can handle a single welt pocket and a thought of cutting a hole in your beautiful coat gives you heart palpitations, a patch pocket is a perfect option for you.

patch pocket design

As always, this is not just a stink little “sew a patch here” kind of pocket, you know me, I don’t do things by half :) This is a self-faced, lined, interfaced pocket that will look great, last a long time and will give you another sewing technique to squirrel away for the future projects.

And so, why is it self-faced? Because it has a facing that is cut with a main pocket as a single pattern piece.
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