I'd rather not

Some people think that just because I can sew, I love sewing everything – womenswear, chilldrenswear, menswear, cushions, aprons, curtains and everything in between. I must confess that it’s not the case. While I believe I can sew anything I want, what I really enjoy is women’s daywear. This is what I sew the most and can get the most use of.

What I try to stay away from is menswear. I don’t like sewing for my husband, hear me out:

  • My husband is extremely picky when it comes to fabric. I mean, the stuff he wants probably doesn’t even exist. It must be exactly correct colour, texture and weight. It has to breathe but it must not wrinkle. It also must withstand years of gruelling wear and tear.
  • My husband’s body weight is rather dynamic. He can easily lose a few kilos between measuring and first fitting. Or put a few on.
  • He wears his clothes longer than anyone I know. He still owns a rugby jersey he got at high school. He hates throwing away stuff or buy new clothes because they never fit (see the reason above). He wears clothes until fabric turns into dust.
  • He carries everything in his pockets. He needs lots of pockets. Big ones.
  • When he finds the item he likes, he doesn’t let go. He wants the same one in every colour, with restrictions outlined in the first bullet point.

So when I get asked if I sew for my husband I say “I’d rather not!”

But the time comes when I must. And this time is now.
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That puzzling distance at the knee


Linda asked me about that distance K K’ on trouser draft ( now shown in green ) I displayed in my knock knee alteration post.

This draft is taken from a book on menswear tailoring, and I have not seen this straight distance on any other draft before or after this book. It only confirms that there are as many ways to draft a pair of trousers as there are people willing to do it :)

The book says :

… find a knee level by dividing distance between seat line and hem line by two. Then mark a point 6 cm above the knee line and mark it K’. If the trouser pattern you require is not of a classic cut, then don’t mark point K’ and proceed usual..

This is it, no further information is offered on the subject,  barely enough to satisfy our curiousity!