How Jackie coat pattern got better

One of the unexpected side effects of improving my patterns is that I am no longer satisfied with the look of my older patterns.

My OCD nature can’t handle different fonts, line thicknesses, and many (many!) other small and not so small details. So back I go, raising the bar and beautifying my work.

Today I proudly announce the re-release of Jackie coat pattern. The core pattern remains the same, everything else was perused, edited, tweaked and adjusted.

So what’s new?

To start with, Jackie pattern pieces no longer overlap. I found a way to squeeze them all in without the need of annoying overlapping. So cut away, my friend, no more tracing here.
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Patch pocket for Jackie coat

Do you know there is a Jackie coat sew along in progress at Janelle’s? Janelle and Maria have prepared a great list of topics to help you sew a Jackie coat in no time. I decided to do my bit for the team with a small pattern hack. This one is about pockets.

If you are not completely sure that you can handle a single welt pocket and a thought of cutting a hole in your beautiful coat gives you heart palpitations, a patch pocket is a perfect option for you.

patch pocket design

As always, this is not just a stink little “sew a patch here” kind of pocket, you know me, I don’t do things by half :) This is a self-faced, lined, interfaced pocket that will look great, last a long time and will give you another sewing technique to squirrel away for the future projects.

And so, why is it self-faced? Because it has a facing that is cut with a main pocket as a single pattern piece.
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Meet Jackie!

Today is a perfect day to reveal my latest pattern Jackie.

Many of you know how long this pattern has been in the making. I’ve been going back and forth reviewing and improving. Today I can finally say it is ready.

Meet Jackie

RED coat front view copy

Jackie is a very flattering short coat that is easy to love. It has a forgiving A-line silhouette, 3/4 raglan sleeves, an asymmetrical button closure and more!
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