Developing a custom pattern. Part two: the lining.

I’m sure you’ve been hanging out to see how I develop a lining pattern for the modified Simplicity dress, right? :) Well, here it is.

Last time I showed you a personal block modifications to develop a pattern design similar to Simplicity 2550.

Today I’ll show you how I developed a lining pattern for this garment.

The dress I need to line is sleeveless, has a centre back zip, back skirt vent and no facings.
The plan is to make the lining as seam free as possible.
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It’s done!

I am so relieved and excited – a huge self imposed task has been completed –  I have finished updating my patterns.

At times I wondered – “Why am I doing this? Why is it so important to me?” And the answer is, I continuously learn and get better at what I do, and my patterns should reflect it. As they say, “How you do anything is how you do everything”.
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