Trouser pattern adjustment for forward tilted hips

Late last year I was contacted by Barb. Barb had a trouser fit problem no alteration seemed to get rid of – the trousers sagged at the back. The same problem seemed to appear every time and stayed no matter what. A very annoying situation.

Here is Barb’s starting point, if I remember correctly it is Burda pattern


I added some red lines to bring out the problem. And the problem is all that fabric below the seat, soft folds at the back.This points to the balance problem – these (or all previous trousers) had a wrong balance for Barb’s figure and now we needed to find out how wrong  they actually were.
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Plaid jacket alteration saga

Ok here is a pic of me wearing my altered jacket. Before pic is here

altered jacket

This jacket was originally size 44 and I am now size 40 (Burda sizing).

I did not take a picture of me wearing it before I stabbed it with my seam ripper, no. The sight was so abominable and the good outcome was so unlikely, I was not going to show it to anyone in case of my (very certain) failure. I would have just buried it somewhere and pretend it never happened.

To my astonishment, the jacket has proved to be a real fighter. Not only it fits now, it fits damn well.

So here is a step by step in case you are crazy desperate brave enough to follow in my foot steps.
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