Top #1106


This floaty top will catch every summer breeze.
A-line silhouette, back pleat (optional), low/high hem and vest-like overlay will make it a stylish addition to your summer wardrobe.

This pattern is available in PDF format only and does not contain sewing instructions.

Pattern pieces do not overlap, so tracing will not be necessary.

  • This is a multi-sized pattern in sizes 8 to 18. You get all sizes at once.
  • This pattern is only available in PDF format
  • Seam allowances are included
  • This pattern is available in the following formats:
    A4 or US Letter paper size (30 pages)

    A0 paper size (2 pages)



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  • Easy fit
  • Overlay adds coverage and movement
  • Optional back pleat
  • High-low hem
  • Overlay is used to finish the armscyes

Recommended fabric

Light fabrics with body, like cotton chambray, silk twill, linen and blends.

Finished garment measurements and fabric usage


1106_measurements table

After purchasing the files, save them to your computer as soon as possible. The download links expire after a few days.

Print out all pages, scaling to 100%. Trim the blank edges, then tape the pages together in the order shown on the instruction page.

The small numbers printed on the pattern pieces are to help you with the assembly process. Match “1” to “1”, “2” to “2” and so on.


Close the back pleat, stitch in place at the neckline.

Place back and front bodice parts together wrong sides in and sew shoulder seams. Finish the edges separately and press seam allowances open.

Place back and front right sides together and sew side seams. Finish the edges together and press towards the back.

Finish the lower edge of the bodice, then turn up 1.2 cm (1/2”) and stitch down 1 cm (3/8”) from the folded edge.

The bodice is finished – the shoulder seam allowances are on the right side.


Finish the vertical edges and lower edges of the overlays, then fold the vertical edges 1.2 cm (1/2”) and stitch down 1 cm (3/8”) from the folded edge. Repeat for hems.

Place the overlays right sides together and sew the shoulder and side seams. Finish the shoulder seam allowances’ edges separately and press them open.

Finish the side seams’ edges together and press them towards the front.

Finishing the armscyes

Place overlays right sides towards the wrong side of the bodice, align the shoulder and side seams.

Sew bodice and overlays together at the armscyes, trim seam allowances to 0.5 cm (1/4”), notch the curves.

Pull the overlays to the right side, press armscyes.

Pin the overlay to the bodice at the neckline, aligning the edges of the overlay with the corresponding notches. Sew the overlays and bodice together at the neckline 0.5 cm (1/4”) away from the edge.

Finish the neckline with a bias tape.