Lena Merrin
Designer, pattern maker, dressmaker

A sewing fanatic, multitasker and a perfectionist. Making the same mistakes twice, just to make sure.

My name is Lena, I am a dressmaker and I love my job.

I live and create in sunny Sydney, Australia. My customers are sophisticated women with a great sense of style.

In my work I pay a very close attention to details and proportions, drape, texture and colour of the fabric. I am a pedantic fitter and fabricoholic.

Although I don’t have a diploma hanging on my wall, I am a confident and experienced pattern maker and seamstress. I have been fortunate to have had very skilled and generous tutors and mentors to get me to the level I am at now.

Through Iconic Patterns I am expressing my aesthetic and sense of style: I love classic shape and fit with a modern, sometimes unexpected spin. My clothes are practical and wearable, but never stiff or boring.

Thank you for visiting Iconic Patterns, enjoy!

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