Wiggle skirt / #1201

Treat yourself to an elegant skirt with an unmistakable vintage flair.

A combination of close fit, tapered hem and curved style lines create a classic feminine silhouette.

Designed for stretch fabrics, this skirt will make you feel comfortable and
look très chic!

This pattern comes with full illustrated sewing instructions.

This is a multi-sized pattern in sizes 6 to 16. You get all sizes at once.
The PDF version of this pattern requires 20 sheets of A4 or US Letter paper. A 36″ (91 cm) wide format printer option is also available.


On skirts and phobias

I can’t say I am crazy about skirts, they used to make me feel vulnerable and my rear unprotected. The slightest air movement makes me hold on to my hem nervously hoping it would stay put. This nervosis has began in Wellington, New Zealand, where wind gusts are legendary. You might end up with a […]

Good old skirt vent

There is plenty of info available on the skirt vent, and here are my five cents on the subject. The definition Skirt vent is a part of functional design. When the skirt is worn, the vent opens to allow ease of comfort for walking and sitting. All vents are positioned in the seams.~ “Professional sewing […]

Skirt balance adjustment for forward tilted pelvis and/or round bottom

Here it is, the last part of balance adjustment post. I made this video without any captions, because in this case it is easier to write separate instructions. Front part of the skirt Lower the front part ( closest to CF ) by amount calculated in this blog post. Restore the front waist length by […]

Skirt adjustment tutorial

Finally, the promised skirt block adjustment video. It is silent, no narration, so don’t start playing with your computer speakers. In this video: How to increase / decrease waistline correctly, including calculation and draft of additional darts. Also how to adjust pattern for flat / prominent buttocks. I hope you find it useful.

Skirt dart manipulations

I made this video to demonstrate some of the basic skirt dart manipulations. You will see how to add an extra dart for wide hips/narrow waist figures ( and when the extra dart is required ), how to turn a basic straight skirt block into an A-line, the general overview on moving, splitting and pivoting […]