Ready for a change?

I have an idea. You might like it even, and I hope you do. It is not new, but in the world of indie pattern making it is rather fresh.

I was going to write a long post about how the patterns are made and what an involved process it is, but it sounded like whining, and I don’t whine. I’m not a complainer, if I don’t like something, I change it.

I love drafting patterns and I want to do more of it. I want to experiment with shapes, drape and proportions, I want to explore, learn and grow.

What I don’t like is thinking commercially, because commercial implies safe (same as boring), and “experiment” and “safe” are just not the words you use in one sentence.

I want to offer variety and give you options, while liberating myself from thinking about sale-ability of the design, financial returns and viability of the product.

My idea is called crowdfunding. This is how it works:

I create a campaign for a pattern, you back it. If the pattern gets enough backers within the set time, it is considered a success and I start developing it. If not – you keep your money and I move on to the next cool thing, no hard feelings. Easy.

So let’s give it a try.

I present to you a pattern #1105, perviously known as Yalta.

green draped top

It is a great summer top, enjoyed by many, myself included.

Yalta was my first ever commercial pattern. Recently I have reviewed it, changed the draft quite a bit and tested it. It is a beauty.

Of course, this means that the pattern now needs to be re-graded, written and finished up to my current standards. So now it is up to you, if you’d like to see this gem of a pattern return, make it happen!

For more information about this pattern go to the pattern product page, to read more about the crowdfunding system, click here.

Lena Merrin
Lena Merrin

A dressmaker of many years, I enjoy drafting patterns and create custom garments.

10 thoughts on “Ready for a change?

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Lena. I think this is a great idea! Unfortunately, this top wouldn’t work for me, but I’ll be looking forward to your next one!
    Best of luck.

  2. Lesley says:

    What a terrifically clever idea Lena, I do like to reward entrepreneurialism! I’ve funded your idea and lets see what happens, hopefully this works. I have at least 4 drapey knits waiting for something like this top!
    Best of luck with it and fingers crossed x

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