A few words about Sammy cami

With the Sammy cami downloads in many hundreds, it’s time I posted something about it.

First of all, I am thrilled you like it, a special thank you if you’ve left a review, every review makes my day, no kidding.

I’ve also became aware of people needing more help with the Sammy straps concept. I realise that for many it is a completely new approach to sewing straps, so I’ve decided to post a small tutorial to help you out.

But before I begin, I’d like to address a curling issue. Sometimes you buy a beautiful knit and the minute you cut it, it curls into a tight little tube and no amount of pressing can fix it.

I had to deal with it while I was sewing one of my many Sammys and my advise is – do not underestimate the power of simple remedies. You already know of my fondness towards the spray starch as an aide for sewing sticky materials such as pleather. This time spray starch comes to the rescue as a fabric straightener.

spray starch

Here is the visual for you. Below is the cami strap before spray starch treatment and above is the treated one. To uncurl my strap, I pinned it to my pressing board flat and sprayed it liberally with the spray starch, then pressed it till it was dry. Sorted!

uncurled straps photo IMG_3579_zps864e1234.jpg
The rest of the cami was curling just as bad, so I had to spray it all (just as well there isn’t much of it).

And so let’s move on to the straps sewing.

On page 6 of the sewing instructions you will find a table stating the length of each strap and total length of binding you need for Sammy of your chosen size.

Sammy cami binding and strap table

So, for example, for size 10 you need 160 cm of binding all up and your straps will use 27 cm x 2 of it. The rest will be used to finish the neckline of your cami.

We begin with the neckline. Place the binding and the Sammy’s front right sides in and sew along the edge.

Then press the strip up and over to the wrong side. After this sew again to catch the back of the strip and finish the neckline. Repeat for the bodice back.

Now to the fun part.

Place the binding strip and bodice front (or back, it doesn’t matter) right sides together at the armscye and sew from the side seam to the end. Stop here, take your measuring tape and measure the length of the strap mentioned previously (27 cm for size 10). Put a dot or a pin there and then place your back bodice in the way shown, so the dot marks the top part of the bodice (where the strap starts).

Sew the binding to the back armscye. Then, exactly the same way as for the necklines, fold over and finish the back armscye, strap and front armscye in one long seam. Repeat for another side.

And here you got yourself one neatly finished Sammy cami with straps. Easy!

Lena Merrin
Lena Merrin

A dressmaker of many years, I enjoy drafting patterns and create custom garments.

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  1. Sally says:

    These photos are very helpful! The only thing I can’t figure out is how the raw edge (that is, the edge that isn’t serged) is finished in the strap.
    Thank you!

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