Social in Sydney

True to my New Year’s “resolution” I went to a social event organised by Christie. She called it Sydney’s Sewing Social and I am sure I am the last one to blog about it.

I really enjoyed seeing the familiar faces and getting to know new people (and their blogs). Here is the list of the blogs you might want to check out.

Leith –
Christie –
Yana –
Maria –
Rachel –
Janelle –
Gabrielle –
Jillian –
Alison –
Rachel –
Wendy –
Sandra –
Sharon –

What I find the most enjoyable being among people with the similar interests is that we talk fabrics, finishes, patterns, techniques, etc, etc without anyone getting bored. We can bounce off the ideas, share experiences and the conversation never stops (no awkward silences, not one!)

The fabric store
Janelle, Rebecca and Maria (wearing Yalta top, woot!)

And although I didn’t buy any fabric this time, my Reeder subscription list has expanded even further (I need to sub-categorise now), I met some very friendly and chatty new people and I got three photos to show :)

The Fabric store 2
Yana, me, Maria and Janelle
The Clock hotel
Me and Yana

As you can see I wore my new chiffon skirt to this event. It was a great test for it, because although the day was windy, I did not need to hold on to it. Here goes my chiffon skirt paranoia!

My sneaky pattern trick worked and I can’t be more pleased. Maria calls this skirt “no surprises” skirt (by “surprise” she means your underpants shown to entire street when your skirt is lifted by a wind gust). I am calling it “Lily”. The pattern is coming soon!

Lena Merrin
Lena Merrin

A dressmaker of many years, I enjoy drafting patterns and create custom garments.

6 thoughts on “Social in Sydney

  1. Winny says:

    Hi Lena. Skirt looks great ! What was your ‘sneaky trick’ for beating the wind, so skirt stays put on windy days?

  2. Yana says:

    You look great in that last photo, but I am more like a pregnant whale! LOL I’ve expanded my reading list too now, its nice to follow the locals and see what they are up to.

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