Fly closure (ladies)

zip copy

Sewing in a trouser zipper is not hard, and you have done it before. You probably have a favourite way to go about it. Here is my preferred method.


Lena Merrin

by Lena Merrin

I make patterns and sew clothes. Maths are soothing.

4 thoughts on “Fly closure (ladies)

  1. bela saudade says:

    Interesting! I will try it this way. I like the way the zipper is attached to the shield first. That looks way easier than the way I’ve been doing it.

    • Lena
      Lena says:

      And when you attach it to the shield, make sure the zipper tape is 4-5 mm away from shield edge. This way the zipper tape will not me too close to the edge and will not catch the fabric when you use it

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