11 thoughts on “Trouser fitting. Flat seat adjustment

  1. lorrwill says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. I am not sure if this will help my fitting woes but I am very appreciative of you for taking the time to present this.

    (Found you on PR>)

  2. MNBarb says:

    The review is there. After posting the review I ended up taking the pants in at the waistband so they are less saggy. Really, never try to fit pants with PMS. My waist measurement changed by almost 4 inches in 3 days. Lesson learned. Thanks again for your help Lena. I’m going to try this pattern again with stretch denim.

  3. MASD says:

    Lena, Thanks for the video. Have been following the thread on patternreview.com. Would like to see MNBarb’s new pants also.

  4. MNBarb says:

    Thank you for your response. I also always need height at the CB but wondered if this would negate any part of the flat seat adjustment.

  5. MNBarb says:

    …and nothing needs to be changed at the waist, correct? The waist at center back will be slightly lower?

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